Roxette - Beautiful Things Lyrics

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Lirik Lagu Roxette - Beautiful Things lyric
Beautiful Things
Are Comin¡¯ My Way
Beautiful Things
I Want Them To Stay
But After A While
My Beautiful Things
Don¡¯t Seem Beautiful At All

Terrible Things
Like When You Wake Up
And All Of Your Dreams
Seem To Crack Up
Like Things You Have Done
Like Breakin¡¯ My Heart
For You It Don¡¯t Seem
Terrible At All

Is There Someone I Can Talk To?
Someone On The Line?
Does Anybody Want To Hear
[ *from http://www.index-of-mp3s.com/lyric/roxette/beautiful-things.html ]
What¡¯s On My Mind?

Beautiful Things
Like Leaves On A Tree
Beautiful Things
The Sky And The Sea
Since You¡¯ve Been Gone
No Beautiful Things
Seem Beautiful To Me

Is There Someone I Can Talk To?
Someone Out There On The Line?
Does Anybody Want To Hear
What¡¯s On My Mind?

Make The Grass Grow In The Garden
When The Rain Is Passin¡¯ By
Does Anybody Want To Know
What¡¯s On My Mind?

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