Last Child - If I Could Fly Lyrics

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Lirik Lagu Last Child - If I Could Fly lyric
If You have me
Wy You search somebody else
If You need me
Why You go away from me

If You love me
Why You turn my heart
You make the ending
rom a story that I call love of my life

Now You hate me
It cause what I'm done
And You tell me
[ *from http://www.index-of-mp3s.com/lyric/last-child/if-i-could-fly.html ]
I'm a childis one

You try to hurt me
By the what You have done
You make me crying
Event when i lose my place there in your heart

If i could fly away from here
I will bring You up to the sky
And We can dancing on the clouds
So You can Forgetting at all
So I can see the greates smile in your face again....

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